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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When is the announcement?

10:30 AM on December 21 has come.
Where is the announcement of the new SNL leadership team that was supposed to happen??


Anonymous said...

Please do even a little research. They are not legally allowed until after the ten days pass that the other teams have to file a protest. Do be patient.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he fell for a goof post about the timing. Sad.

Anonymous said...

No one has shown proof for the ten day wait claim. The winning team has ten days to prepare and submit for NNSA approval a transition plan, but the quoted section of the RFP is silent on the topic of leadership names disclosure.

Seems that every new adventure with NNSA contracting is another trip to the county fair sideshow.

Anonymous said...

The ten days refers to the protest period. Losing offerors have 10 days after receiving their debrief to file a protest with the GAO. The losing bidders are not going to be debriefed until early January. Don't expect any announcements from NTESS until mid-January.

Anonymous said...

For profit continues, as expected.

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