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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Former LANL manager sues lab for wrongful termination

Former LANL manager sues lab for wrongful termination:


Anonymous said...

This could make for some entertaining courtroom drama, if it gets that far before settlement.

Anonymous said...

LANL has a philosophy of rarely settling to dissuade lawsuits. Tapia has/had close ties to Marquez who resigned suddenly after allegations he was a secret vendor to the Lab. Carolyn Zerkle an associate director has close ties to Tapia and directed that Tapia be placed in a senior management position in procurement, and he had zero skill sets for that position. He was selected based on his relationship with Marquez and Zerkle, who was once Marquez's deputy. If this sounds like a soap opera, then you are right. This house of cards headed by Marquez next was Zerkle, then Tapia and lastly Albert Jiron. The four were pretty inseparable on and off the job. So far 2 have gone down and the fates of the other two is TBD.

You can read the entire complaint on NM courts John Tapia v LANS

Anonymous said...

LANL has a philosophy of rarely settling to dissuade lawsuits

Really, I though they have to settle everything in the end. There are too many rules and regulations so something must be violated if anything is going to be done, so once the lawyer finds the buried rule among the millions of obscure rules that was violated than the settlement occurs. I though everyone violates some rule everyday, they just do not know it nor can they know know it as no single human can know this, but once you know this and are a lawyer in Santa Fe than you will be rich...very very rich.

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