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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Still NOT prepared to win.

Still NOT prepared to win.

Per the last two sentences of Sec J Amd 1, the new SNL manager needs to claim it is ready to assume full responsibility for NNSS before it can also take over SNL.

Seems a little strange to have such a requirement.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me but the winner decides when to speak or not to speak, one of the perks of winning. Things are a changing in Sandia get lean or get out, we are going to turn this into KC plant West and you know what that means.

Anonymous said...

As another poster commented, the RFP could have been a cut and paste from the prior NNSS one and this is just a typo. What's odd here is that of all the bid teams, and all the lawyers on them, no one caught this earlier and pointed it out to NNSA. Starts to make you wonder what other corners were cut by NNSA in running the competition?

Anonymous said...

Someone did catch it. Look at the amendment:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some one may have caught some typo and thus the amendment.
This thread concerns the words that are still there.

It is really odd for NNSS to be in the SNL RFP - even after the amendment was released. So, maybe it is not a typo after all?

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