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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Donald Trump chooses Rick Perry to be energy secretary

Major Garrett: Donald Trump chooses Rick Perry to be energy secretary

Donald Trump has selected Rick Perry to be energy secretary, according to two sources directly involved in the transition and selection process.

He had been summoned to Trump Tower for a meeting Monday to discuss the position after having been contacted over the weekend. The meeting was only finalized on Sunday. 
Let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

Well he's possible the most unqualified Secretary of Energy in the history of the department, and that's saying a whole lot. His bio...
Upon graduation of high school, Perry attended Texas A&M University where he was a member of the Corps of Cadets, a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, was elected senior class social secretary, and was also elected as one of A&M's five yell leaders. He graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal science.

Upon graduation from college in 1972, Perry was commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force and completed pilot training in February 1974. He was then assigned as a C-130 pilot to the 772nd Tactical Airlift Squadron at Dyess Air Force Base. Perry's duties included two-month overseas rotations at RAF Mildenhall in England and Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany. His missions included a 1974 U.S. State Department drought relief effort in Mali, Mauritania and Chad, and two years later, earthquake relief in Guatemala. He left the United States Air Force in 1977 with the rank of Captain, returned to Texas, and went into business farming cotton with his father.

In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat from district 64, which included his home county of Haskell. He served on the House Appropriations and Calendars committees during his three two-year terms in office. He befriended fellow freshman state representative Lena Guerrero of Austin, a staunch liberal Democrat who endorsed Perry's reelection bid in 2006.

In 1987, Perry voted for a $5.7 billion tax increase proposed by Republican governor Bill Clements. Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries and worked in an unspecified capacity for Gore's campaign in Texas. On September 29, 1989, Perry announced that he was switching parties, becoming a Republican.

In 1990, as a newly minted Republican, Perry challenged Jim Hightower, the incumbent Democratic Agriculture Commissioner. Karl Rove was Perry's campaign manager.

During 1990, Hightower's office was embroiled in an FBI investigation into corruption and bribery. Three aides were convicted in 1993 of using public funds for political fundraising, although Hightower himself was not found to be involved in the wrongdoings. Perry narrowly defeated Hightower in November 1990, garnering 1,864,463 votes (49%) to Hightower's 1,820,145 votes (48%).

As Agriculture Commissioner, Perry was responsible for promoting the sale of Texas farm produce to other states and foreign nations, and for supervising the calibration of weights and measures, such as gasoline pumps and grocery store scales.

In 1994, Perry was reelected Agriculture Commissioner by a large margin, getting 2,546,287 votes (62 percent) to Democrat Marvin Gregory's 1,479,692 (36 percent).

In 1998, Perry chose not to seek a third term as Agriculture Commissioner, running instead for Lieutenant Governor to succeed the retiring Democrat Bob Bullock. Perry polled 1,858,837 votes (50.04 percent) to the 1,790,106 (48.19 percent) cast for Democrat John Sharp of Victoria. Perry became the state's first Republican lieutenant governor since Reconstruction, taking office on January 19, 1999.

Perry assumed the office of governor on December 21, 2000, following the resignation of George W. Bush—who was preparing to become President of the United States. He won the office in his own right in the 2002 gubernatorial election, where he received 58% of votes to Laredo oilman and businessman Tony Sanchez's 40%. He was re-elected in the 2006 gubernatorial election against three major opponents, polling 39% of votes against runner-up former U.S. Congressman Chris Bell of Houston with 30%. In the 2010 gubernatorial election, Perry became the first Texas governor to be elected to three four-year terms, polling 55% of votes to former Houston Mayor Bill White's 42%.

Anonymous said...

Looks like DOE receives the dunce award again. He can't even remember which department he wants to close down. I wonder when he will discover it does nuclear weapons....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But god knows when he comes to visit you guys will kiss up with the best of them begging for face time.

Anonymous said...

Time to dust off the Republican facade and put forward the conservative white male game face. Put away the rainbow colour guard. Hide the nanny scripts. Store the liberal decorations and put up the strong face.

Gays, women and Jews pirouette to the back. Mormon, Baptists abd Good ol boys front and center. Lowell, Charlie Jeff out front. Find that bust of Teller. The pictures of Reagan, Bush and Churchill. Girls, form fitting clothes, makeup and a few volunteers for after hours duty. There. We are ready. Stockpile protected in a mad world.

"Its off to see the wizard..."

Anonymous said...

Bring out the minigun and the cougar.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Just get it out there. This guy is sad hayseed dumb.

Anonymous said...

The DOE diversity rainbow is complete a disabled elderly white stooge now joins past women, Jews, Mexicans and Chinese in the Forrestal token-haven. Business anyone?

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, who was left to pick? DOE was the absolute last cabinet position to fill, and all the higher quality selections had gone in earlier rounds.

Anonymous said...

APS leadership and Lab leadership have shown themselves to be morons through their recent statements on the US election. Time for Perry to drain the swamp, so Lab engineers and scientists can actually get work done, instead of spending 50% time on political correctness training !

Anonymous said...

"Time for Perry to drain the swamp, so Lab engineers and scientists can actually get work done, instead of spending 50% time on political correctness training !"

But Perry may just get rid of the whole thing, engineers and scientists. Why do we
need the DOE it is a huge wast of money and the private sector can do much better.

Anonymous said...

Perry might want to get rid of parts of DOE, Congress will be less willing since it would mean less power, money, jobs and votes in some districts. NNSA could move to DOD as a semi-independent civilian organization, just like it is now within DOE, but that wouldn't change much. The labs are already run by the private sector. The sky won't fall.

Anonymous said...

If our experience with Bechtel and B&W and Washbag Group and Oracle and Akima are meaningful segments of private industry are worse that worthlessm

Anonymous said...

Perry is a jackass. Very much like Clinton and Trumpf but a dumb as a rock.

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