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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Contact 60 minutes!

An anoynymous reader contacted CBS's 60 minutes to bring their attention to the Lab.
Imagine the results we get if every one did that?
Your help is needed; here is the link; all you have to do is direct them to this BLOG.

60 minutes


Anonymous said...

CBS News is no friend of the nuclear weapon labs. If 60 Minutes ran a story on the NNSA's LLC efforts, it would be used by them to revisit all the wrongs (both real and imagined) that have happened over the last 20 years at LLNL and LANL in an attempt to tarnish the labs and get them shut down.

Anonymous said...

I did my part. Soon to be out the door 500 series with 14 years exp!

Anonymous said...

Current management is doing it's part to tarnish and shut down the lab, not sure CBS could do much more. At least the mismanagement issue at the government and local level will be exposed, which would be of benefit to taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:45. LLNL is already severly tarnished by the transition to inferior managment and the deeply lowered morale of what's left of the workforce that hasn't yet or won't soon be "restructured" out the gate. I would love to see the results of an investigative reporter's work in revealing or at least documenting the sucession of LLNS miscalculations and incompetencies (whichever applies) that led us to the current outrageous budget shortfall. Smells like corruption to me.

Anonymous said...

60 minutes should focus on all the labs..its not just llnl going down.

Anonymous said...

Well all!

Thats what this is all about! To get national attention to what plundering fools got us into this mess to begin with. Its amazing everyone wants to see something done but no one whats to get up off their rightous A**es and try to get some attention! All you...yes you!! want to do is put down everyones suggestion to try and help!!!! Shame on you!!! You must like unemployment!!!dahhhhh

Anonymous said...

What do you guys want? One minute you complain about 500+ job lost and then a minute later you seem to want 6000+ job lost by shutting down the lab!? Is this a good idea for GM to waste time on media PR rather than solving the budget shortfall problem?

Anonymous said...

"Is this a good idea for GM to waste time on media PR rather than solving the budget shortfall problem?"

It doesn't matter what they do at this point. They are a complete failure.

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