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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Fellow LLNL Employees

My fellow LLNL employees for the last six months I have seen so many broken truths by ULM that I am not sure if they are able to tell what truth is and what is not. All are to blame for our plight. (ULM, NNSA, Congress, DOE) and us employees. We had a chance to form a union, (we would have had bargaining rights, now you receive what management tells you) but too many individuals were Paulanna. We are at war with ULM and you had better be prepared. (They will make the rules up as they go along)

Here are some details for all to ponder, over the last 10 years while LLNL employees have not been paying attention. Rocky Flats was shut down, Mound Laboratory was shut down, NTS has been downsized, and Savannah River’s employee population has shrunk from a high of 18,000 employees to its current size of 7000 employees. Do you see a trend yet? LLNL employees are too arrogant to think that it can’t happen to them. NNSA / DOE are waging a war with us ULM are the eager captains awaiting orders. DOE / NNSA costs have been shrinking over the past 10 years by a considerable amount. What you are being lead to believe is that DOE costs are spiraling out of control to this I say BS. DOE / NNSA have been saving tons of money over the past ten years by downsizing all facilities across the DOE complex.

Hanford (PNNL) was out for bid like LLNL and in the last minute, a poison pill was put into the Omnibus bill effectively killing their transition to a private LLC this was done by Washington’s Senator. PNNL employees lobbied their senator and won.

What to do next, you truly are at war get prepared. First off, we are all voting taxpayers with a muted voice our Senators & Congress people could care less about out plight. Feinstein’s husband is on the UC board do you think that is a conflict of interest? LANL has political power (largest employer in New Mexico) Nobody is fighting for LLNL in Washington DC except for the purpose to make us a smaller LAB. So here is our recourse sue LLNS, there are many ways to start the process let the games begin. Knowingly exposing worker to beryllium is against the law and if proved could be a class action lawsuit costing LLNS performance fees and DOE millions.

Excluding workers from the VSSOP (NIF) directorate then excluding them from the ISP. Lawsuit time if we are truly going to have a layoff that is based on seniority individuals should not be excluded at one side of the lab. I will put my own money up towards that lawsuit. Flex terms, contracts, I am sorry but you should be going out the gate before any FTE (I truly do not want to see this). Management failed to convert you, point the blame directly on them. Make them justify why it is you have been doing the same job as a FTE and were never converted. UC lost this issue in court when they were put to the test. Put ULM on the spot ask questions.

Drug testing, get it started I believe if every individual were drug tested, we would loose 40 to 50 individuals leaving room for good people to stay. Director M should be the first in line at the piss trailer Monday morning to set the example (that is what true leadership would do). Do not be surprised if the 40 key individuals are excluded from the random drug tests. (They should be sued to comply with the DOE order if they get out of it). The rest of us do not count in their minds ULM is strictly out for themselves. Ask questions that put ULM on the spot during all hands meetings. First off we are American taxpayers that pay their salaries they owe each employee an explanation for their actions or inaction. Pull on threads that may be unpleasant for them. Make them earn every penny of their overpaid salary. My goal is to get one of them fired for corruption that will send a message. They like to make examples out of the workers every now and then so that it goes through the workforce. I personally know of a manager who lost his clearance due to an alcohol problem he was never fired. They all seem to be above getting in trouble (LLNL has been investigated by the FBI several times for shall we say inappropriate accounting each AD is guilty of it) Let other Federal agencies know how screwed up ULM is. LLNL has many skeletons in the closet use this against ULM it will slow down the layoff that is impending. Search the web and find the things that have been covered up. Good example is radar on a chip. See what lawsuits and bad PR ULM had to deal with on this particular issue and how quiet that was kept internally. Personally sue ULM we are a California based LLC individuals can be held accountable for their management actions. Look at the California Labor Code you might be surprised that ULM is not adhering to it. That is why they are hiring lawyers with that expertise (look at the jobs bulletin I rest my point)

Middle mangers need to earn their pay as well put them on the spot. They will not help you, their too worried about saving their own backsides and looking good as able henchmen carrying out the orders of ULM. I truly believe in the end ULM will turn against middle management so that ULM can save their rewards.

Things you should know DOE / NNSA Washington DC is a huge part of the problem if they would have had their way none of us would have medical benefits upon retiring from LLNL. (To my surprise senator Kennedy stopped this) Things to ponder all DOE individuals on-site are getting 33% more money on their base pay because of the locality to the bay area, while the rest of us that work at LLNL get 2% raises at best. Where is that money coming from? ULM has the audacity to question hazardous workers individual’s stipends while ULM collects bonuses for meeting PBI’s is there no end to the hypcroscity. Do not be surprised to find out ULM has a PBI to downsize the workforce courtesy of NNSA. Truly why would you want a job knowing that you are destroying individuals livelihoods. Answer pure greed!

There is truly a war being waged upon the worker, you can be like the Jews that went to the gas chamber or you can wake up. I prefer to fight, ULM is not that bright and each one of them has skeletons in their closet that is how they got there. (Remember the one that supposedly had a PhD) We all found out later he was lying. Past Director, having an affair with a fellow employee never proved but possible. As I said, they all have skeletons in the closet exploit them.

Bechtel & Babcock & Wilcox major skeletons in their closet. Bechtel prime contractor big dig in Boston way over budget and lack of following good QA / Engineering killed an innocent motorist. Bechtel, Waste Vitrification plant in Washington way over budget makes NIF look like chump change. Not to mention all the no bid contracts Bechtel has received during the Iraq war. Well then, there is Babcock & Wilcox. B&W was the designer and General Contractor of Three Mile Island fiasco read the NRC report online. Neither of these two companies have stellar records treating their rank & file employees fairly.

Bottom line, become networked, stand –up for your rights, get organized, and voice your concerns loudly. ULM hates this they prefer to deal with us on an individual basis.

Finally, if anyone has a pending lawsuit against ULM / DOE NNSA let people on the blog know so that we can donate legal fees.


Anonymous said...

Finally, if anyone has a pending lawsuit against ULM / DOE NNSA let people on the blog know so that we can donate legal fees.

Better yet let us know so we can sign up and participate.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read about employee empowerment at a federal national lab, check up what employees did at NASA's JPL (operated by Caltech) to fight intrusive federal government background checks for contractors... looks like they fought Washington and Won... Remember, we are in the Federal Court 9th Circuit, which tends to lean towards employees. Yes you can sue the government if you work at a national lab...

In a major victory for JPL employees, on January 11, 2008 a three-judge panel of the Federal Appeals Court for the Ninth Circuit ordered an injunction against NASA's and Caltech's implementation of the HSPD-12 background investigations. The panel found that the existing process violates employees' privacy rights, is not grounded in law, and is not narrowly tailored to a legitimate need.

The panel also found that Caltech's declared policy of terminating those not complying with the rebadging requirement "raises serious questions as to whether the university has in fact now become a willful and joint participant in NASA's investigation program.

Anonymous said...

about 150 of us saw the train wreck coming and did not beleive the black widow or ulm; we are known as upte local 11 llnl skill crafts.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you. Why do we still have retirees on the payroll while others lose their jobs on a daily basis. Why is it that LLNL is allowed to hire a retiree back at all during these time. This particular group of employees need to be gone by EOB today 4/14/08 and told, "there is no hope of you every being employeed here for at least the next five years or untill LLNL / LLNS has their budget correct and it has fully downsized."

scooby said...

Thank you for the thought-provoking and inspiring editorial Doobydew!
One obvious phenomenon is that middle management are so worried about "compliance" with DOE, they forget about how people feel during these trying times! They are worried about covering their rear-end and forgetting about their primary role: that of a leader!
I used to work for leaders.
You are right: we should step to the plate and make our fellow co-workers aware of their rights!

Anonymous said...

Are there any new LLNL employees reading this blog? I would be curious what LLNS told you about the LLNL environment to get you hired. Did they tell you it is a stable, fun work environment?

Anonymous said...

This needs to be said again, since it doesn't seem to sink in. There needs to be action, and don't expect any positive action for employees from Management. Whining will not work!

"It is sad that there are no real professionals left in management to try to set things straight, and no employees left with the guts to fight. As much as we complained in the past at least competent people were at the helm and keeping the wolves away. Now the George cronies and the incomps that are left either don't know what they are doing or don't really care as long as their big paycheck comes.

What is the best strategy for employees? Organize, detail the issues for all to see, tell UC and DOE that we are being run by incompetent management without a plan to deal with the issues. Don't stand back and ask what is SPSE doing, they are not helping you anymore-----ask what you and your fellow workers are doing. If you do nothing the lab will continue this death spiral until only George's cronies are left with their big paychecks. Don't wait for someone else to save your job and the lab---only you can do it.

Otherwise it is truly goodnight for everyone--even the ones that don't get layed off."

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen the time for courtly manners is long past. No more polite debates. Roll up the sleeves and slide on some brass knuckles.

LLNS and their henchmen need to go - period. The employees built this lab, not ULM. Those employees need to move TOGETHER in a way that cannot be ignored and will be noticed by the entire county.

Lawsuits are not going to do the job - delay tactics will kick in while they watch us wither away. Protests, strikes, things that will make the public notice are the only way you will make DOE/NNSA change their plans.

It's Bastille Day folks.

Anonymous said...

Its too late to organize...
We will be told the next step sooner than you think!!!!

Anonymous said...

The next step has been disclosed and more on 4/17/08Do You Feel Lucky?

I wonder if they chopped George off at the knees in DC and told him, you're just SOL, there's no money for your wishes so have a good day. Nice you came to visit, but we can't help you. It should be a sweet flight home tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am still confused. Why would anyone try to sue management (LLNS, DOE, NNSA, LLNL)? The layoff is a management decision. It has nothing to with your race, religion or ethnicity. If you read the newspapers or watch T.V. you will see that it happens all the time in corporate America.

So what is the gist of the lawsuit? Management has an impacted operating budget and had to downsize? Is that it? If so I think you will be hard pressed to find an attorney who will represent you. There is just nothing there.

Anonymous said...

"It has nothing to with your race, religion or ethnicity"

Look at the people at the bottom of the SKA list and the EBA list who are most likely to be let go. Compare that to the lab as a whole based on race and disability. Then post what you find.

Anonymous said...

And just were do we find this list of names for review? I'll be more than glad to post an opinion once I see the most up to date list or for that matter a list of names at all. Please site it location for all to review. I am sure we have a lot of friends who are getting the boot.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a heart-breaking blogsite this is!

I've been at the lab for almost 4 years now - not very long. Prior to coming here, I've seen many many layoffs both in the private sector and government. I have one thing to say:

This is not a productive conversation you've started. This kind of complaining will not help people cope with the fear and grief that we are all dealing with. It will not help save their jobs. Nor will it help anyone find new jobs if they need to.

The people who are "behind" this layoff are people just like the rest of us. They have mortgages, debt, families at home, and a job to do. Don't pretend they're enjoying this or that they're sinister. Anyone who has ever had to call an employee in and tell them they've been let go has about a 10th of an idea what the decision-makers at the lab are going through right now.

Does this really have to be "us against them"? Do we have to have a bad guy? Why can't we just tell the truth:

This sucks. For everybody at the lab. It's horrible for people who have to leave, and it's going to be pretty lousy for the people who stay... trying to pick up the pieces, dealing with survivor's guilt, and figuring out how to get 5 people's jobs done all alone.

Don't point fingers or blame people. Just tell the truth. If you're scared or angry, just say so. Take responsibility for yourself here, folks. If you have a suggestion that might help others cope with this (practical or supportive) share resources.

Don't just hit send and pretend your comments here disappear into the ethernet. Someone will read this. Before you post ask yourself: Is this productive? will it benefit anyone? Could it potentially hurt anyone?

Please, please be careful with what you say. There are real people on either side of this, and nobody needs any more pain than is inevitable from what's really happening. This would be hard enough to get through if everyone felt they were on the same side. Drawing lines is only going to make it harder.

Words have power. They frame our reality. Post responsibly.

Anonymous said...

"If you're scared or angry, just say so. Take responsibility for yourself here, folks. If you have a suggestion that might help others cope with this (practical or supportive) share resources"

Yes, Dr Phil!

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