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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are you experiencing dirty tricks like these?

Contributed by anonymous:

Here is my experience. Is this a familiar tactic?

I am a 500 series employee with 28 years at the lab. When I first heard 500 series would be let go in inverse seniority, I had a momentary thought I might actually be employed for a few more months. Then I started asking my coworkers and discovered that just about without exception, everyone else doing the same work and in the same classification were already exempt!

My management had the foresight to exempt all but about 2 or 3 of us earlier in the year. Doesn't matter we all do the same kind of work. Myself and 2 others I know of (out of about 20) were put into 'special' groups in the department organization chart way back in the fall of 2007.

Now, I understand why. Yes, I have seniority. Yes, I have the skills. But no matter now, I am one of a very small percentage of our group who can be let go and it is too late to argue, I am mad but view this as just one more dirty trick my support organization has perpetrated. Is this familiar? Did you find out too late just about everyone you work with was 'saved' but you?


Anonymous said...

I believe that you have it right. It seems to be manipulated to avoid the ordinary protection of seniority.

Make sure to collect as much info as you can about past ranking, classifications, who is currently in supervision and HR. Seek coworkers help in establishing what happened to them.

Many supervisors will honestly state what happened and why when they are asked to testify under oath during discovery.

I will. This process stinks. As it unfolds it will be even more apparent.

Still trust George? Time for a union yet folks?

Anonymous said...

I heard about a similar situation from a colleague and my only thought was the person should document EVERYTHING and file a lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

My job has been slowly eroded by my management over the past 8 months, I'm sure to set it up as a "non-essential" position for layoff purposes. I've been a high-ranking, dedicated employee for over 17 years. I'm just sick about what's happening to our laboratory.

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