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Thursday, April 10, 2008

LLNS- New Involuntary Seperation Plan 2008

Watch the water. If you have the ability to stop frame or slow motion look at this movie frame by frame starting just as the jumper begins to enter the water, then note what happens as he begins his rebound. The movie bares what I think is an appropriate title since this is how many people fell on a day to day basis at LLNL. This my friends is a real ISP aka Involuntary Separation Plan.

No severance ( pay ) here, or for that matter needed. Involuntary Separation Plan 2008 You may have to wait for download or right click. Watch carefully. This could be your severance pay in lieu of notice.

NOTE: You may have to download Windows Media Player 11 for slow motion functionality feature.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's exactly how I feel from the day start until the day ends. The sad part is I know I have to do this all over again tomorrow.

Even though I have researched the web and found this clip to be not real it truly is a representation of how it feels to know your number may be picked at any time and not know when your time is coming, just as this poor lad probably didn't even check his life insurance before the jump. To late now. It was quick.

The bad news is we're all in line at the bottom on the crane waiting to be taken to the top so we can do the same, even after witnessing the result. Now there's foolishness to the max wouldn't you say.

Anonymous said...

I hope LLNS doesn't get ideas from this one:

Disclaimer: I don't know much about this site just saw this video next to the bungee one.

Anonymous said...

Great video. LLNS uses the same tactics but instead of physical they use psychological. I think we need to employee Terry Tate to take a walk around 111/ 123 / 132 and take down some of those ULM's in the same manner. SPSE are you listening. Maybe once he puts a few hits on some of those clowns they'd get their act together. If that doesn't work we Terry T. can make a visit to NNSA and DOE head quarters.A good butt woppen would do these people fine.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what it feels like to get axed. You go in whole and you come out with now arms or head and the alligator a good representation of ULM attitude and physical make up. Perfect analogy. The person jumping off the bridge is just one of the many at LLNL who are standing in line awaiting their execution. Isn't this a great place to work since LLNS has taken over with NNSA and DOE driving the ship?

I can't wait for the ISP to come about In August so I can stand in line with the other 535 - 1000 + plus employees this year. I guess if I get a reprieve I can at least do it next year whereby I pretty much assured that with a $289M deficit I'm one step closer to experiencing this phase of life. Can I buy advanced ticket?

Anonymous said...

If LLNS management and NNSA would have offered LLNL career employees a better VSSOP, management might not have to lay off anyone else in 2008. VSSOP was available for up to 750 employees but only 215 actually took it. This proves the offer was not attractive. Why did LANL employees get a better buy-out ? Why did LANL employees qualify for unemployment benefits and LLNL employees get nothing from our EDD ?

Anonymous said...

April 11, 2008 10:02 AM

One years wages for every year of service tax free into our 401k would do the trick for me. Better yet they should have given us a 5+5 when we were still under UC and there wouldn't have been anyone to RIF. LLNL would have been immedaitely reduce by 50% and LLNS would be at the number of people they are seeking, 4500 and it wouldn't have taken years to get there. Stupid is as stupid does.

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