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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Request to LLNS

Please post anon;

This is more of a request than a question directed to ULM and company.

When will the employees of LLNL be able to see their ranking order for the RIF, assuming a UNIT is a four digit classification in any one organization such as NIF, NAI, Weapons, CMS, etc.

Each employee should by now been ranked from ( most senior to least senior ) in their four digit classification in each directorate. Any employee should be able to pull up an excel spreadsheet in LAPIS that reveals this information. The spreadsheet should show (all ) classifications at LLNL and how each person ranks in that classifiaction so each employee can see their peeking order. By allowing employees to view this spreadsheet each employee could get a feel for how long they have left at LLNL before they’re axed and prepare their future accordingly; instead of it being a surprise at the last minute.

The spreadsheet should be on a secure server where only LLNL employees with an employee number and password can check in. This vital information needs to be readily available at any time and updated on the fly, so as lesser senior people exit LLNL the spreadsheet reflects those changes immediately showing those who remain, just how much closer they are in the pecking order. This could easily be done by tying the requested LAPIS spreadsheet into the badge office and PAF database so even as individuals are transferred between directorates, it would result in their immediate re-ranking within that directorate. Since RIF's are done by seniority the employees start date is all that's needed to be rerank them no matter where they are assigned.

Wouldn't you, ULM, if you were in our boat want the same information available to you so you could have a chance to prepare for the inevitable? There should be no secrets from the employees if the goal of LLNS is to have an open society of employees who don't fear or distrust management.

Since lay-offs are going to be a continual event for years to come especially as the budgets decline , could you please consider my request?


Anonymous said...

Very well put. The problem is management can't reveal this information. If they did you could have a large chunk of the "at risk" work force simply quit working (not that that isn't happening to some degree). This has always been the philosophy.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2008 7:25 PM

What a shame. I guess being up front with the people that make LLNL what it is today is to much to ask. How can anyone trust managements when they can't even come clean with a simple task such as this. If there are consequence such as you have mentioned then that is just the price you have to pay for poor management. That is not the fault of the workers, its the fault of those who are in charge. They made what caused the consequences and they need to face that reality.

Anonymous said...

Very well put but the reality is much different...

You see WE have to 'spill out guts' about EVERYTHING in our PAST and CURRENT life. We are REQUIRED to report EVERYTHING to 'THEM' from 'who' moves in to 'who' moves out, tickets, finances, bankruptcies just to get 'THE' clearance - from 'P' to 'Q' to work here but asking for them to spill their guts and just be honest with us so we CAN plan for our future, our finances, our families our finances and hey guess what they REFUSE to 'trust' US!

They ARE treating us like second class citizens!!!!

They expect us to quietly sit back and say 'thank you sir..may I have another'??!!

The RULES are so one fricken sided! 'THEY' make em' and then they break em'!!!!!

We have NO me. We are sheep being led to slaughter....only this times it's by the hundreds, not onesy twosies!

Anonymous said...

This information should be shown NOW to everyone at LLNL. It is time to stop being a nerd LLNS, LLC. No matter what this data reveals it doesn't concern ULM since they are untouchable, but it does affect all the blue collar and "working" white collar. So please show the RIF list and pecking order as is being requested.

Anonymous said...

Here's the answer to your request from ULM.

At AW's presentation today on the ISP, he stated that they would not advise the employees what the business units are or what the targets within the business unit are, until you get the pink slip!

Smooth move exlax's

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