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Monday, April 28, 2008

Let'R Rip -- By The Rules

Requested new topic:

What do people hate about LLNS and ULM?

Now this should get everyone involved. Lets hope ULM comes to the blog to reads. Maybe they'll actaually learn something. Be as nice as you can, think it out offline and then post in bullet form if possible. Bombs away !!


Anonymous said...

I expected George to lobby for the Lab and its employees since he cares so much about them!
Instead, he is carrying out the bad decisions! I lost respect for him!
I am sure in private, he tells those close to him that he has to do what he has to do.
He cannot do much about it as long as he is employed by LLNS.

Anonymous said...

I'll begin with this:

I despise the fact that LLNL hired 40 LLNS mangers all of which are overpaid and serve no purpose what so ever. The need to be gone. They are parasite, hatchet men and women who were hired specifically to do a dirty deed that any high school grad could do with his eyes close. They were hired to down size LLNL at the expense of everyone’s livelihood, except their own. UC could have done this in a much more humane manner and has done so many times without 1/10 the uproar we have now. These 40 robots and any who have came after them that parts of LLNS that are not being reported, need to be eliminated and sent out the gate May 22nd along with the 535 FTE’s that are slated to be slaughtered. We don't need you LLNS.

NNSA needs to be terminated and dissolved immediately. They are dysfunctional organizations who know no other way of resolving an industrial crisis other than lay of people, but again none of their own white collar or blue collar parasites.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the way LLNS hides information such as this. We need to know how we rank in terms of the RIF's to come just as an earlier post requested but LLNLS as usual ignored the request. How can anyone like LLNS.

Copy and Paste URL:

Anonymous said...

I hear LLNS is now going to define everyone's working hours except theirs, so maybe that's why they never listened to the complaints about opening the Greenville gate at 6:00AM instead of 6:30AM. There will be no need to have it open before 8:00 AM since we'll all most likeily work from 8:00 to 4:30. Good work LLNS. That gate not being open at 6:00 AM was my biggest complaint.

Anonymous said...

As an exempt employee its getting paid 26 times a year, compared to 12 times under UC. For 10 months you take home less pay (2 checks) then you did last year every month, while every 6 months you get a month with more (3 checks). The problem - I built my pre-transition finances around a set "monthly" pay rate and now I'm not getting that pay rate. LLNS should have gone with a 24 paycheck year (1st and 15th of the month) - this would have given us close to the same per monthly salary that we got under UC and make paying bills easier to plan.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there's a single change LLNS has implemented that's been to the advantage of the employees. Every change that's occurred has been to ULM advantage with little or no concern for what effect those changes would have on the LLNL employees. In a nut shell, LLNS has successfully destroyed a 50 year establishment in 1/10 the time. This type of efficiency is truly worth $280 M overruns, $89M management fee ( as you can see for what ) and the loss of 2000 employees jobs at the hands of 40 LLNS wantta-bee managers. As you can see LLNS, by direction of NNSA is doing a SH job. I wonder who the fall guy is here and what the heck we're in for next. If the past un LLNS is any indication of our future, LLNL is in a world of hurt and may as well close the gates, level the one square mile and sell it to a real state developer. It would make a nice golf course. If they act quickly LLNS could have this done by 2012 before their contract expires.

Anonymous said...

First let me say " I love my job and country" I would never sell my soul for money.

I have given 15 years of service to this soon to be bottomless pit of nothingness. I have received no bonuses, no awards ...not even a honorable mention for the work I have performed since I arrived. Knowing that I can never tell my family or close friends anything I do at the lab is something I knew going into this field. So now everyday I come to work not knowing how much longer I will be able support my family and keep a roof over our heads. I feel as if I just wasted the last 15 years of my life when I could have just gone Blue collar union digging holes or fitting pipe for 60 bucks a hour. At least then I would have something to show for years of hard work. Why would the best and brightest
even think about wasting time at a place where the direct hole to hell has been dug ?

Anonymous said...

April 29, 2008 2:53 PM

You are absoluetly correct and I hope million of people read this blog. Maybe each and everyone of you could pass the URL to your friends and every university you know and by doing so will save someone else form having to be taken advantage of. Your entry was great

Anonymous said...

I remember a work place where there was pride in
what you did. A place where everyone had a common goal. LLNL was a good employer it cared about its
work force. It did not matter what you did. Some may have thought that we were a spoiled work force that we had it to good for to long. It was the people that
you worked with that made it a good place to be and
earn a good living. Its just like anything else that works well some one got scared. And said we have to fix that place.

So now its OFF with there heads. Under bid so we can lay thousands off to make up the difference. let
them know that there is no such thing as loyalty we
don't believe in a good work place money is more
important then Jobs off with there heads so we can
make LLNS the night mare that it is.

Anonymous said...

I have two gripes. I will post them separately.

First, LLNL will fire about 300 good people to pay $45M per year in fee to LLNS for which the taxpayer gets nothing.

The industrial partners and the employees that they have provided could all dissapper and we would not notice the change.

Anonymous said...

Second gripe....

NNSA knew that LLNL would incur at least $200M per year in additional costs to the taxpayer and it expected that magically some private industry solution would wipe this waste away.

They had the foresight of the Paul Wolfowitz and the ability of Paul Bremer and the Honesty of Dick Cheney.

No wonder they trust no one.

Anonymous said...

I'll add the third....

LLNS has not executed a single thing well since LLNS took over. Slow processes are getting slower, decisions more irrational, quality has dropped, output has dropped, the ISP implementation is laughable. Failure looms on the horizon.

LLNS does not appear to have a brain.

Anonymous said...

So in conclusion....

I went from working for one of the best to one of the worst without moving my office.

Anonymous said...

Not much to say. How do you compete with widespread corruption?

If a federal government agency can't even tell the truth, or abide by the laws, why should the rest of the country? Why should the citizens?

Anonymous said...

I think more people ought to write to congress and ask for a GAO investigation for wasting government funds. The fact that DOE choose to bid only for profit companies, and exclude non profit was not only against "full and open" competitive rules it was stupid. Anyone with any common sense should know that the costs will go up - and DOE gets less for its money (well, taxpayer's money). That is WASTE and illegal.

Anonymous said...

The RFP did NOT require a for-profit LLC. One of the LLNS partners is known for its not-for-profit status. However, who would be dumb enough these days to deal with NNSA and all its nonsense unless there was a dollar incentive.

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