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Friday, April 25, 2008

Russo Says More Must Go

One thing was FR used "opportunity" when he talked about laying off career employees.

Then he said 180 term and SL will go after that opportunity.

He tried to blame the Government for the career layoff, by saying they approved the plan and so that's what they have to do - he didn't mention who authored the plan, wasn't it Fred?

That would be FR & EM.

The WARN notices are going in the mail now for Terms and SL.

If you ask me it should be 715 of them going out the door as that is why we have them, right?

Now let all the terms that think they have such superior SKAs weigh in on those that built the Lab to a "crown jewel" of the USA.


Anonymous said...

"Now let all the terms that think they have such superior SKAs weigh in on those that built the Lab to a "crown jewel" of the USA."

I'll be the first to weigh in - I was willing to take my chances when I accepted my offer of employment as a Flex Term employee. So far, so good. With more than 25 years direct experience in the Complex, all of it pertinent to the ongoing LLNL mission, I'm willing to compete against any Career Indefinite employee in a number of the fields I've worked in over the years.

Just because you're a Flex term, doesn't mean you're wet behind the ears with no directly applicable experience to the current and ongoing mission at LLNL.

Anonymous said...

Yes he did and it should be either before this ISP has concluded or directly afterwards but surely before Feb of 2009 when LLNL knows what their budget is. From listening to the testimony give available on the side bar and understanding the war which only cost $11B a month has somehow creep up to $16B a month, and knowing these people have to come up with the funds without raising taxes in an election year; anyone can conclude that LLNL budget next years should come in at least 10% -15% less than this years. That anywhere from $2.2M to 3.3 M short. If that happens, say goodbye to at least 2000 more people in FY-09. It's bad and getting worse by the minute and I don't foresee a bed of roses in sight anywhere. Please take the time to find jobs outside LLNL if you can. I,m planning for the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

"Now let all the terms that think they have such superior SKAs weigh in on those that built the Lab to a "crown jewel" of the USA."

I'll be the 2nd to weigh in, I took a position with LLNL in July 06 knowing full well that I could be let go. I am still a SLO and realize I can get term'd at anytime. I have 20+ years experience in my field that I honed in the military and in corporate enterprises. However, my management team has learned the valuable SKA's that I do possess and would not be able to complete the mission without my employment. I have on numerous occasions questioned why something was implemented in a certain manner or designed in this way; knowing full well that the design or implementation will have to be corrected. The answer I receive is, "it was always done this way"! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that then I would retire. My point is that even with the layoffs of "Career" employees, Flex's and SLO's are needed at LLNL to fill critical SKA's vacuum. I look at the project I am working; there is no “Career” employee at LLNL that could have or would have taken on the project or completed it correctly on time and under budget. Those are the critical SKA's that I brought to LLNL, even George Miller is very aware of the project and the SKA's that the SLO’s and Flex’s possess which made this project successful. Though this transition is painful and could have been executed differently, it is needed. You cannot honestly believe that there are some "Career" individuals that could/should be removed/replaced or let go. I see it in my area. The deadwood and unfruitful growth needs to be trimmed. The ship will be righted at some point. I do believe a grown-up will eventually show up and make the correct decision. My only advice is do not be afraid of change. I do not agree with all the changes, but I am not afraid of them. I am used to working quarter to quarter not knowing if layoffs were around the corner. I can empathize for the individuals that have been at the LLNL their entire career/adult life and do not know anything but the “Lab”. But working at LLNL is not true reality when it comes to working in the rest of the world. I love working here and I would not change / leave without being asked. But reality tells me to be prepared, have my resume up to date, my contact list accurate, my vendor/corporate colleagues in my email list. I am not trying to be harsh, but I will compete or compare myself to any "Career" employee at LLNL and I am fairly confident that I would be selected over that "Career" employee.

Anonymous said...

"I will compete or compare myself to any "Career" employee at LLNL and I am fairly confident that I would be selected over that "Career" employee"

You may compete but dont make the conclusion that you will be selected over a career employee, not knowing what kind of career employee you are referring to.
There are some career employees that are very talented and some that are dead wood. Same thing on the Flex and SL side.

Dont forget that some old timers here have experienced both lives: Lab and Corporate and can operate well in both environments!

You have a lot to learn!

Anonymous said...

You are correct! I do have a lot to learn, as does everyone. Ask my kids, I tell them that all the time, Daddy has a lot to learn - so they know that life is a constant learning experience. My point again is not that I am better then a "Career" employee in my field. However, I do posses a lot of experience from corporate, military, and LLNL that demonstrate multiple qualities such as; leadership, change management, adversity, and major accomplishments. That is what managers and leadership teams are looking for. If I am not selected over a "Career" employee, well then so be it! For me it is not the end of the world; there will always be another job, challenge, and opportunity around the corner. Again, don't give up if your dream job goes away; make your next job your dream job or the one after that. God Bless!

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