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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flex Term and Contract Labor Explained

I guess he got the point.


Anonymous said...

Yeap, that sums their position at LLNL in three frames and as few words as possible. Looks like nothing has changed in 25 years when I was a contract worker.

Soon this cartoon will be on the cover of the official HR policy and procedure handbook. It's the way of the new work order.

Of course it'll have to be in multiple languages so the work force can read it. We are diverse and compassionate work force striving for the success of a global economy.

Cartoon understood. We'll print this and post it on my safety shoe as a daily reminder.

Anonymous said...

At one time LLNL was an attractive government facility to put on a contractor’s company resume. But with the direction that LLNL is going it seems that contacts are not financially worth their weight in paper and LLNL is working its way from being the premier super power of the west to just another poorly run lab. So why would a contractor even bother? And where will they find employees who want to work here?

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