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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cowards working behind the scenes

Contributed anonymously:

Question : "Is he the only one with guts to speak his mind in public? Is he the only one convinced we have been sc....ed?"

Answer: He is the only one out of 8000 that has the nerve to speak for the mass majority. The rest are cowards including myself.

I'd prefer to post on the blog and let the world view what's going as ( anon ). In the meantime after viewing the talk given in Washington, DC and GM's most recent tap dance of non-truths and political double talk I've invited every congressman and women to visit one particular topic on the blog. That topic would be entitled April Testimony Reveals Culprit where they too can listen to the testimony given by the three director for themselves. It's my hopes they'll in turn send the URL to all representatives nationally, so they too may understand the consequences of privatizing the national labs; and shortly afterwards execute a proclamation to terminate the contracts of both LANS and LLNS; directing those in charge to the unemployment lines pursuant to forfeiture of all retirement and medical benefits due.

If any of you care to join in, you can find your representative here. Only YOU can put an end to this madness and reverse the injustices that have been done. For all of you that have been laid off, I would hope you too would join in the fight to take back everything these people have taken from you and to assure their demise by any legal avenue or venue you wish. The pen is in fact mightier than the sword and good lawyers are available if you've had enough.

For me it's a matter of feeling as if I've devoted my entire life to the government for NOTHING and until I see proof there's another underlined motive for privatizing the national labs other than assuring the mutual destruction of everyone livelihood by virtue of taking their UCRP and dividing the classes of the rich and poor, I will not be satisfied, and will continue to move forward with my assumptions and reasonings.

Knowing this transition could have been avoided by simply transferring just (2 weeks ) of the Iraqi wars budget to cover all three national labs financial concerns is ridiculous and totally illogical. In conjunction with this fiasco I have a gut feeling NNSA is not telling us everything, nor are they reporting the facts to the Representative of the United States of America. It's as if NNSA is trying to pull a fast one over our representatives eyes by reallocating funds from where they were to be spent, to their favorite projects, or to assure ( NO ONE in NNSA ) was laid off or fired, while they witness 4,500 people from three national labs hit the streets knowing there's more to come in FY-09. So, this brings another question to mind. Just how many NNSA personnel were laid off or fired during the past two years because of budgetary issue. What to bet the answer is ( ZERO ). If this is the case I personally hope the leader of NNSA is found guilty of all charges and is issued a cell block with an appropriate serialized uniform.

At this point in my life and being a subject of this transition I trust no one in these times, until it can be proved that everything that has been done is on the up and up. Until then I hope the transition of LLNL and LANL remain on the radar with the same inquisitiveness as the JFK assassination and UFO's, and is pursued by as many people who believe Kennedy was taken out by our own, continuing the investigation until the truth is found. When it is, I want justice served and reimbursement for all losses to all involved.

IMHO this transition is the worse ploy I've seen in my entire life. It's so unbelievable it's as if those who authorized the labs to go private were in fact undercover KGB agents working for the goal of destroying the nations nuclear complex. If I were the FBI I would seriously consider running a sting operation and check the backgrounds of every corporate member extensively, just for pure self satisfaction of finding any unknown acquaintances or discoveries that may reveals such an involvement. It's mine boggling for me to believe we have anyone in congress or the senate so stupid as to approve this transition.

Someone should write a book.


Anonymous said...

I don't consider myself a coward and I sure wouldn't have done what he did. This is a job we are talking about, not some sort of inalienable right.He'll probably get canned.

Anonymous said...

The last three paragraphs of this top post is why it (and perhaps this blog) will never be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

there are 150 of us who speak up and fight ulm!!! UPTE local 11 LLNL skill crafts

Anonymous said...

On the contrary -- he may have unintentionally placed himself in an untouchable position.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's not an inalienable right and he may get canned, but if he does he should have the backing of 8000 people across this nation to sue the heck out of LLNS to the amount of $100M tax fee for expressing his opinion. Either way he should get a lawyer now and prepare his case. The second issue you are correct on is , " it's just a job, not a career anymore" and that my friend makes a big difference on job performance, work quality, attentiveness, attention to detail and innovation. There's no need for any of that any more since only 200 will be FTE and the "support labor", as if they were a jock straps, will be term and contract; disposable at any time. Have fun getting the work done professionals. If you think America has trouble obtaining quality workers now you just wait until the are all contract and term and know they can be let go on a moment notice with no pension or medical benefits. You ain't seen nothing yet. Schedule, quality and on time, what's that. You'll hear thing like, "go get yourself another slave to do the job you don't like my speed or enthusiasm", with a few adjectives attached to the statement along with a face that says if you say anything else stupid I'll make you part if the woodwork. Those will be what you professionals will hear someday as these places continue to go down the toilet.

Oh I'm sorry, you have immigrant and foreign national to do this work now. I forgot about out souring. I'm sorry. I won't say that again. yeah right. You just wait until all those people you are now taking advantage of find out how they too are being screwed and you'll have unions as those in the 30, who will stomp a mud hole in your anatomy to get their point across. You people have taken this country back seventy years and I hope they kick the heck out of you for your stupidity , physically and mentally.

Anonymous said...

"It's my hopes they'll in turn send the URL to all representatives nationally, so they too may understand the consequences of privatizing the national labs; and shortly afterwards execute a proclamation to terminate the contracts of both LANS and LLNS; directing those in charge to the unemployment lines pursuant to forfeiture of all retirement and medical benefits due."

Perfect... You forgot one issue. All FTE's are to be given back their UCRP with all time in service, benefits , etc and a minimum of 3% raise per year for all they have loss. The contracts with these privateers should be terminated at once and all complex go back under UC. If they then want to thin the place out they should give an incentive package of a 3&3 or a 5&5 depending on how deep they want to cut.

Anonymous said...

Brought from another post but sums it up right nicely.

"It is amazing how some of you people are final realizing the hole transition scheme was design be NNSA to grab your pensions and to help pay for the new weapons complex they want built at NTS by rechtel."

If LLNL would have been watching the disaster at LANL and joined in during that time they may have been able to skirt this catastrophe, however, they chose to bury their heads in the sand and live in denial, except for the 49% that went TCP-2. Whoever they are, they most likely are the brains and backbone of the organization simply because they're independent thinkers, not followers or sheep. Hats off to the 49%, a big fat moon to the 51% of the sheep. For now, I only wish the blog master was smart and considerate enough to keep this post at the top of the blog until LLNL and LANL have been released from the clutches of LANS and LLNS. This topic entitled **Cowards working behind the scenes** should --never-- move down in the order of new topics. It should remain # 2 in the pecking order, not three, four or five until it's never to be found. It's subject matter needs to stay at the top for the world to read and to get as much visibility as it takes to acquire a congressional investigation into the transitions, the people who have been awarded the contracts and their disposition. If we're lucky, just maybe things will happen as the original poster has requested or should I say desires. If this post fades into oblivion for any reason ULM, NNSA, DOE, LLNS and LANS will have accomplished their mission and visibility of their malarkey will continue to go on in the shadows of all the mayhem that's taking place throughout the nuclear infrastructure across this nation. That would result in a win, win situation for the contractors and the corrupt management who run them, consequently resulting in a lose, lose situation for all the employees that work for them of which we are getting the brunt of as the clock continues to click on. These contracts must be terminated immediately and those who're responsible for there enactment penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

April 19, 2008 10:13 PM

Wrong answer. They are excatly why this post needs to stay at the top and the investigations to start. For that matter it is great to seeit raise the awareness of just what's going on and perhaps the reasons why. Don't kid yourslf bubba.

Anonymous said...

Topic has been copied and sent to my representative along with URL asking for action and constant monitoring of all activities at LLNL with an additional request to investigate LLNS and LANS contracts and their administrators to the max for any fowl play, misappropriation of funds, illegal transfer of money between accounts or favoritism including the sheltering of preferred employees from the ISP now or in the future. I've also asked the EBA rules and regulation be set in concrete so ULM can not use it just for professionals as they are now. It is a known fact that the EBA list has no defined rules in writing and is being use to shelter those who are favored by LLNL ULM whereby all other are thrown to the wolves. I would say that's misappropriation of funds and unfair treatment. The good old boy system needs to die immediately.

Anonymous said...

Please take time to listen to this song. It is not the LLNS Theme Songs. How true every word is. I couldn't think of a more appropriate song to represent the snakes we have in the grass and liar LLNL has brought on as partners. It may take a while to download, but please, please listen to the words and realate. .

LLNS Theme Song

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this will really impress your representatives. A bunch of paranoid conspiracy theories amidst tantrums about the fact that LLNL is now living in the same world as all their other constituents.

Like the first poster said, it's just a job, not an inalienable right.

Anonymous said...

April 20, 2008 1:29 PM

Because of people like you this country has gone to heck and is no longer a world power or an industrial nation any more. Thanks a lot, bud.-- For Nothing.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure after hours of reading this blog. LLNL has the most spineless cowards I have seen in a long time. One guys stands up for 7000 people an all anyone can do is doom his actions. What fools you people are. You deserve to get pissed on. may they slash you until you bleed and then rub slat into your wounds.You guys take the cake.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, we still had this really big military with power projection capabilities no one else can match. Most people would think that makes us some kind of a world power. Our military R&D efforts are way ahead of anyone else because we're pumping vast sums of money into it, in no small part because we're still considered a global economic engine.

Yes, yes, I know, recession, stock market down, deindustrialization, no ponies for Christmas, and probably illegal immigrants somewhere in the standard rant. Our country does have some problems (what country doesn't?), but this "gloom and doom" blog is so over the top it's self-satricial. People actually losing their job have every right to feel bad and even do some venting. Everybody else should get a grip.

By all means, feel free to rub "slat" in my wounds now. It does sound yucky.

Anonymous said...

April 20, 2008 7:13 PM

No need the original top post says all that needs to be said. Let hope it creates a Congressional investigation and heads roll.The LLNS contract needs to be abolished immediately if no sooner.

Anonymous said...

"If you think America has trouble obtaining quality workers now you just wait until the are all contract and term and know they can be let go on a moment notice with no pension or medical benefits."

We're already there. LLNL Flex Term employees are not that much different than any At-Will employee in the commercial sector. I assume that any RIF'd Flex would be eligible for COBRA benefits much like any laid off At-Will Joe.

Anonymous said...

I want to put out another point of view without asserting it is right: just useful and perhaps partially true and may serve as a useful frame to observe various financial political trends.

Big business pretty much runs the government
in ways subtle and not so. Big business has reached its unsustainable finite growth limits and CEOs can not keep increasing profits easily. Does any one realize that the average CEO used to make only 42 times the average workers salary (1982) and now it is 437 times (2004).

So CEOs suck up to the government and raid the national till - an easy target with not real high IQ or the ability to think long term or for the country.

There have been several fiascos along these lines: the absolutely criminal issues that happened when they privatized Walter Reed veterans hospital - "why because privatization brings with it efficiencies".This does not stand to up to the facts except perhaps in private compettive industry.This is another excuse to ruin services to pay CEOs too much; money otherwise better spent on service and deliverables not bland management success rhetoric.

I have seen LANL go from 5 assistant directors to what i believe is now 28 assistant directors under the new Becthel management; perhaps there is a reason for this but it sure is not clear and kept quiet.

In addition there appear large (carefully concealed) increases in salaries and bonus's are now part of the pay package as well. Not to mention loss of tax free status of the labs; a real double whammy.

The Labs have additionally become much more stressful and as any tyro of neurobiology can tell you chronic stress suppresses creativity and the cortisol response reduces dendritic density and causes long term loss of brain function. I wonder if real creativity will ever appear in a privatized situation.

But is that really the function of the Labs now; is not the function as is becoming clear to provide a small group of clever CEOS but otherwise scientifically incompetent managers with large salaries provided they provide the right sales narratives to DOE. (I should add some balancing qualifiers to the above statement but i don't have time right now) I don't know but is sure looks like that is becoming the modern American way of since Reagan - a far cry from the spirit that informed the Boston tea party.

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