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Friday, April 11, 2008

How Do You Compare

Please post anon and ask your audience to pass the link along.

This was sent to me by an unknown contributor. After viewing the movie I thought about how minuscule our problems are compared to what you're about to view. While watching I asked myself, am I half the person this man is. The answer wasn't only no, but, no way could I do this. Please take the time to rank yourself and let us know how you compare. Enjoy

One Stong Individual

If all else fails cut and paste the URL and then download the video to your hard drive and then watch. Please watch the entire lecture, it's not that long and I'm sure you can spare a few minutes out of your life. It's was an eye opener for me.


Anonymous said...

you're right. I could not do this or deal with this situation. This needs to be seen by everyone in America.

Anonymous said...

Dieing right now. Should have last June, but a higher power had other plans for me. Not even my spouse knows.

I could mope, could tell others and gather up sympathy. I still have battles to fight, for others.

It's never all about you. It's helping others. I have a huge debt of kind acts that people have done for me and I want to do some more before I go.

Anonymous said...

April 12, 2008 1:07 PM

You are a better person than me. If I knew I was dieing I would only be concerned about me and all the things I never did while I was in good health. I will take the time to get the "trust" updated and assure that when I am gone all will be oaky for others, but I sure as heck will be doing all I wanted to do and it won't be working at LLNL everyday. They are last on my priority list now and they surely won't be moving up under those conditions.

Hang in there and good luck. I hope you live another forty years and do all you feel is right before you go. Take care.

Anonymous said...

You can bank if I was every to find out I was terminally ill and had a defined time left on earth I'm going on the first cruise to Alaska and spend a few weeks if not a month then I'll come back for my treatment if there is one, if there isn't I will just continue to have a good time and that incudes eating all the foods I never had a chance to so I could stay healthy. Starvation and discipline in what I ate or how much I ate would be out of the question. It'd be who cares.

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