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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Job classification question

Anonymous asked:
Does anyone know what four digit job classifications are going to be reduced and what the target numbers are for each of those classifications? Management certainly won't tell us. Even and educated guess would be better than no information.


Anonymous said...

Didn't someone ask GM that at the all-hands and he said it was in the original 3161 document??

Anonymous said...

The 3161 is good for 2 years. They don't need to renew it. It's a living document. Stand by for wave to leave since the doors are wide open and ULM knows no other means of resolving their problems including paying for the 120 days given to all 200 with over 20 years. Yes we are going to see more lay-offs to pay for the time these people will be on site looking for a job. Now there's an injustice to us ALL.

Anonymous said...

It depends on your business unit. The same 4-digit classification in one unit may be dealt with differently in another.

Anonymous said...

The 3161 is good for two years or 750 FTSs, which ever comes first. Once LLNS dumps the 535 involuntarily, this 3161 is over.

Despite GM's optimism, the FY09 budget has a lot of possibilities for cuts not yet annnounced, so do not be surprised if we have another next fall.

Anonymous said...

Layoffs are going to be a constant theme at the new LLC run labs. Get use to much higher stress, stagnant wages, and crazy new policies designed to make your work more difficult to accomplish.

NNSA has managed to destroy what were once the crown jewels of America's national lab system. Congress could do something about this decline, but I wouldn't count on it. It's game over.

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