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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FTE Status for Professionals Only!

Anonymous post:

Non-professional term employees should be pxxxed off to the max. All those years wasted, waiting for an FTE to be fired or die so they can become an FTE. Well, good old LLNS took care of that wishful though. I hope you understand what Miller said when he was asked what the work force of the future should look like. WE didn't get an answer like you would from a normal person, What you got was a typical politicians dance around coached by a legal department cautioning Miler on every word and how it's presented.
Only professionals will be FTE's. The support labor will stay flexible aka term / contract with no need for FTE's, so they can be disposed of easily.
You got it TERMS? Unless you're a PROFESSIONAL, you will NEVER hold an FTE status. Those hopes are gone for any blue collar support labor employee.
How much simpler do you want it to be presented to you? Does everyone now understand why LLNS is laying off FTE's? It's been determined that it's time to get these people out the gate before they turn 50 and with less than 3 years, so they'll never become vested. The old FTE's are being disposed of so they'll never able to collect they're full projected pension. By doing so will leave the pension plan plush for the assurance ULM is able to obtain their exuberant monthly retirement checks for life. Again, it's all about THEM, not YOU . Do you now have a better understanding of the grand plan? It was explained during the transition but 51% didn't listen. Now it's become a reality.
You've been duped by the best and brightest, once again in the final chapter of your life. NNSA / LLNS should feel proud of themselves.


Anonymous said...

The fact that in the future only the professionals will attain FTE status is the end point that the Lab has always wanted. In my experience the people who were not a 200 series were viewed as a necessary evil to perform the menial jobs.

This will eventually bite the lab. When the economy rebounds and the recruiters go out hire folks for those menial job classifications they can offer:

1. A run of the mill 401k plan.
2. A benval of no more than 105%
3. No profit sharing.
4. No stock options.
5. Possibly no retirement medical
6. And of course, no FTE status.

Good luck to the recruiters. When the economy is booming and the lab gives that offer sheet to that scum non-professional, it should not be surprised when they somehow can't get the best and the brightest.

The lab use to offer great benefits and great retirement, provided you made a life long commitment to this place. Those no longer exist. Sadly, now it is just a job.

Anonymous said...

April 22, 2008 8:07 AM

I agree and having attended FR's meeting today, aka the "hatchet man" is most definitely appropriate. He says his family doesn't know him by that name. That's probally because his family hasn't a clue of what type of person he is, or maybe, it's a matter of birds of the same feather flock together and the nuts don't fall far from the tree.

Regardless it looks as if there will only be 45 TRR left at the LLNL shortly. He wants all of them to be TRR 100% of the time. Others who have credit cards will lose them. Can't wait to see the backlog and purchasing power of LLNL come to a halt. Heck, maybe he'll outsource the entire job to Mexico for $50.00 a day wages. Brilliant FR, You Dil-o.

His second words of wisdom were, "If I had my way there would be not trailers or buildings for the people that are being fired to go, I'd have them all gone the same day".

So there you go. The "hatchet man" has spoken. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll choke on his dinner tonight. Better yet maybe all of them will choke on the same day.

All of sudden a quote comes to mine, "Free at last, Thank God almighty, free at last." Now that's what I call a " contract termination", signed sealed and delivered.

Anonymous said...

This sums up LLNS for me:
George Carlin on "the American Dream"

Anonymous said...

anonymous post

Livermore’s namesake, E. O. Lawrence was able to accomplish what he did and make the breakthrough’s in science by assembling people from a wide background. Not only were scientist and engineers brought together, but he also had a technical staff of talented can-do individuals as part of the team.

In the forward to the book Making History…Making a Difference that all employees were given last September at the close of UC contract, George Miller talks about innovative spirit thriving and continuing due to ”mission, approach and people.” Miller also talks about multidisciplinary team approach being ”a source of innovation, in part because it fosters a cross-fertilization of the best ideas across program boundaries.”

To limit this approach to just professionals is ignoring and not recognizing a lot of creative talent. In fact, ignoring the people who get the job accomplished! I see my roll as taking the ideas and concept from the scientist and turning that into a reality of what can be done with the resources that are available and maybe guiding them into a more practical approach. Some of them may have done some hands-on work in school, that that type of work wouldn’t make it past the ES&H reviewers. Since LANS has made it clear that I am a second-class person then I am not part of the team. The motivational and emotional attachment that I used to feel has been destroyed by LANS. I’m just a one size fits all peon.

Another way to look at the roll of senior technical people is analogous to what the late Col. Hackworth said about the Army. He realized that the officers can strut about with their brass and swagger sticks all they want, the in the end it is the senior NCO’s that run the army. They do the training and have the technical knowledge to do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

Time for collective bargaining?

Takes some aspects of wages and working conditions out of the hands of management and puts it into bargaining.

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