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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Real Leader of People

Post anon;

Some of you might care about what a real leader of people has to say about your politically correct puppeteer society . Read and Learn

Don't be like the picture which seems to have a close resemblance of the one in charge of the business end of LLNL.

Please post picture too since this is what I saw standing on the stage a few days ago while he explained to the audience how he would not allow anyone to stay and look for a job if the government wouldn't have stopped him, and how he intends to take more affirmative action to assure we meet NNSA orders. Even with that he still can't understand why he has the nickname, The Hatch Man, dahh !

I guess that's why people in his positon get paid the big bucks. I wonder if he'll live long enough to spend it without suffering from heart failure?


Anonymous said...

For those of us that were unaware of this meeting, and what the agenda was.......

Would you please clarify what FR's meeting was about,

...and give us the details of what was said?


Anonymous said...

April 24, 2008 7:27 PM

Ask anyone who was in Plant or in Business Services. They'll tell you. They paid close attention to what he said and have told everyone.

Just ask about some of what you have read on this blog and you'll hear the facts over and over agian from many of those who made the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Concerning a real leader: Lee Iacocca has always had a gift for the colorful turn of phrase. And I do believe he is a leader. He was also one of the first Detroit execs to come up with the business plan of importing cars and slapping a Motown nameplate on them. Seemed like smart idea at the time.

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2008 11:07 PM

If you think about it there aren't very many cars with engineered in the good old USA. What the Japan does as they have always done is take our ideas and inventions and make them much, much better then sell them back to use at a much higher price. So if you want a good car get one "engineered " in Japan, Germany or Korea and you'll have a machine that last for a while. Why American engineer and companies go under is real simple.

"they build a product with a finite life span to assure that in 36 months you'll have to buy a new one instead of building a machine that was geared to last a lifetime"

People want quality and they want it cheap. Build a quality product and they shall return. Build crap and they're gone forever to make someone else rich. Corporate greed is killing our nation and no one care.

Anonymous said...

One thing was FR used "opportunity" when he talked about laying off career employees. Then he said 180 term and SL will go after that opportunity. He tried to blame the Government for the career layoff, by saying they approved the plan and so that's what they have to do - he didn't mention who authored the plan, wasn't it Fred? That would be FR & EM. The WARN notices are going in the mail now for Terms and SL. If you ask me it should be 715 of them going out the door as that is why we have them, right? Now let all the terms that think they have such superior SKAs weigh in on those that built the Lab to a "crown jewel" of the USA.

Anonymous said...

Hey that looks like FR on a good day ready to come to work and start wacking away at the troops. Imagine his standing in front of the mirror every morning before he leaves for work saying, "Honey, do I look presentable? I have to make a presentation today. I still don't understand why they call me the hatchetman?. I guess it's just a misconception on their behalf. If only those LLNL employees would understand my position . I really, really care for them and I hate having to be a hard -butt. Anyway, I'm off to the killing grounds. See you tonight honey. By the way, what's for dinner?"

He's definitely dressed for the occasion.

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