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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Count down to May 23rd

Please report anything out of the ordinary:

- Reshuffling of people between units/departments
- Clues that you are being targeted
- Changes in you supervisor behavior


The wheels are in motion. Someone said RIF training for supervisors starts May 6th.


Anonymous said...

For the third day in a row I have been told the grand total to go out the gate by Sept 29th is 835 + 50 a month in between. That would be 535 FTE's and 300 contract and flex term employees. I suspect there will be more FTE's than 535 since we we've been told that management can in fact keep a Term employee over an FTE even if the SKA's are the same. It's now a matter of WHO THEY want to keep, not anything else even if it's in the PPM section K. All bets are off and it looks like the flood gates are open. We are all AT WILL employees. Thanks NNSA / DOE for NOTHING. May the axing begin.

Anonymous said...

Strong rumors have been told that the "Iron Cross Trailers" will be where the detention camp for exiting 200's will housed! But FR suggested they would be offsite with badges pulled and computers to use?? Sounds like the Davis Center would be a likely choice! Anyone heard anything??

Anonymous said...

Over heard a ULM taking to another ULM about the tension in the air! Then one of them said, we arent even going to find out who getts the axe until the day before, can you imagine that???
Keep your ears open !!

Anonymous said...

Moved from the suggested topics post:


Have you been ask to do jobs out of your classification??
example: wiring up control paneles or runnin conduit to power boxes to save money because your program is broke.

security issues:
razor blade in tolet seat, vandelism at NIF; elevator boot sliced open with knife, employees pissing on floors or craping on floors, grafitti on walls in NIF
white powder found in bag at west gate office.
security gate at vasco east ave bus turn around area opened on its own.

since LLNS took over safety and security have gone out the door!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted this before, but it was ignored?

I m 200 series and I was told where the vacuum was kept, so I wanted to see my rug cleaned I could do it myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 200 series and I empty my own garbage can and vacuum my office. My limit is latrine duty.

Anonymous said...

April 30, 2008 8:48 PM

The detention center is offsite close to the freeway (down Greenville).Management is very worried that people will leave viruses on their computers that will launch after they have left. Sup.'s are being trained right now to handle the removal of those who have been laid off.

Anonymous said...

I had heard that the 200 series with over 10 years of service would be housed in the grapevine shopping center off of Greenville Road, near the Harley Davidson shop by the freeway. I don't think any final decisions have been made.

scooby said...

Moved from another post (where it was off topic):
The moral is terrible security infraction are up this has become a horrible place to work I dread getting up and coming here.
The job market is bad I will probably loose my home and my marriage great job nnsa.

Anonymous said...

A practical suggestion: Since about one in every six persons of the target group, and higher in some directorates, will be selected and sped through the separation checkout process; So, everyone, this could be you. Prepare BEFORE the last day. Update your resume, your list of publications and products showing off your skills. Take home copies of your publications (the internal Library web site has a much more thorough inventory than the external LLNL library site). Take home a copy of your paycheck stub (need access to LAPIS for that). I am guessing they will give you some time to pack your personal books and plants, but not access to your work computer (just guessing; George, correct me if I am wrong).

Anonymous said...

Thats correct, for the flexs last time , when they came in in the morning they couldnt log in, thats how most figured it out. Also heard today that SPSE did some dealing and got the 15 crafts workers down to 11??

Anonymous said...

Hey May 1 7:30pm
I am glad to hear SPSE is fighting to save our skilled crafts people from this May layoff. Our IAP and flex term skilled crafts and our Laborers, Custodians, Gardeners, etc. got whacked very bad in the last layoff. Some of our crafts ( including career crafts ) have quit LLNL due to all the stress, lack of job security, etc.
LLNL can not afford to loose any more of our Plant Engineering crafts workers.

Anonymous said...

News Flash!!

Sunshine Building being prepared for up to 20 computer work stations. Sounds like we are dividing different divisions???

Anonymous said...

That's most likely being set up for the 200 series employees to job hunt from. It's considered off-site.

But yes - they can, and some are dividing up divisions for the big ax. Especially if they use more than one payroll acct. number; which is what some of the "units" are comprised of.

Anonymous said...

But wait a minute. Weren't you told, "You will never know your work unit nor will you know where you are ranked in that work unit until you've get your pink slip in hand." If that's the case how would ULM know what four digit class of employees are going to what buildings and where or how many computers are needed? Did you know they're going to get those computer from the people who're being axed not salvage. So tell me, do you think they haven't a clue until ax day who's going out the door and when. What scares me is this. They came by and inventoried my PC and printer, where I hear if I get to stay for this round I'll have to justify having my own printer. I was waiting on the device to print out a lottery number for me to post where I wish with instructions that said, please watch CCN Live on 5/19/08 to see if you're a winner. Some people still have faith. I have none.

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