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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Request To Terminate LLNS Contract Immediately

Post anon please;

I encourage all of you who care about your future to express your dismay with the LLNS contract and associate thieves. Please take the time to ask your representative for immediate termination of the LLNS contract and the abolishment of NNSA. Please read recieved Transmitted Fax

The originator should contact Betsy Manson


Anonymous said...

A post from another topic but should be seen by all. This is one more reason the LLNS contract should be terminated.

I agree and having attended FR's meeting today, aka the "hatchet man" is most definitely appropriate. He says his family doesn't know him by that name. That's probally because his family hasn't a clue of what type of person he is, or maybe, it's a matter of birds of the same feather flock together and the nuts don't fall far from the tree.

Regardless it looks as if there will only be 45 TRR left at the LLNL shortly. He wants all of them to be TRR 100% of the time. Others who have credit cards will lose them. Can't wait to see the backlog and purchasing power of LLNL come to a halt. Heck, maybe he'll outsource the entire job to Mexico for $50.00 a day wages. Brilliant FR, You Dil-o.

His second words of wisdom were, "If I had my way there would be not trailers or buildings for the people that are being fired to go, I'd have them all gone the same day".

So there you go. The "hatchet man" has spoken. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll choke on his dinner tonight. Better yet maybe all of them will choke on the same day.

All of sudden a quote comes to mine, "Free at last, Thank God almighty, free at last." Now that's what I call a " contract termination", signed sealed and delivered.

Anonymous said...

One more reason to terminate the contract with LLNS.

Layoffs are going to be a constant theme at the new LLC run labs. Get use to much higher stress, stagnant wages, and crazy new policies designed to make your work more difficult to accomplish.

NNSA has managed to destroy what were once the crown jewels of America's national lab system. Congress could do something about this decline, but I wouldn't count on it. It's game over.

Anonymous said...

This fax should have been directed to the President of the United States, all members of congress and the senate, not to NNSA. They're the buffoons that wanted this to transition to happen and took your retirement from you and are backing everything that LLNS is doing. They're the ones paying LLNS the bonus checks for trash canning you. Big "D'A" at NNSA could give a rats butt about any of us. NNSA had zero lay-off during the last two years and got big pay raises while employees were put in the streets. They deserve no respect what so ever. They're protecting themselves at the cost of your livelihood. NNSA leader is the devil himself. Don't make any deal with him. Have the contract terminate by all means and put the people running LLNS in the poorhouse, on the street and if possible pimped.

Anonymous said...

So are we going to get behind this FAX or just remain a bunch of chicken who have a bad case of cranium rectum inversion. I plan on doing my part immediately.

Who ever wrote. Job well done and hats off to you. Finally someone with a spine.

That's 2 out of 8000, where are the rest of you?

Anonymous said...

How do we get this fax on Fox new, Sacramento News, Stockton, Livermore, "all bay area networks" etc shown mulitple time. We need exposure and to make these peoples butt pucker. Maybe the Europe networks will pick it up too, via the airways or web.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that everyone download these two pages of this fax to their hard drive. Once you have them, attach them to every e-mail you send to your representatives , asking them to forward the enclosures to all they wish. This document needs to be disseminated and immediate action is required. It's time to put those responsible out the gate or in prison what ever comes first.

Anonymous said...

The letter from Boxer is a form letter.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter, it got to her or her officer help. About 8000 of those and she'll get the point. Send the fax with it the next time.

scooby said...

I searched for our senators email addresses and could not find it; you can email them only through a form, on ther website, which does not allow attachments or paste. If anyone knows their email addresses, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

GC hit that right on the head. he must have been at the LLNS / NNSA contract negotiations and took notes. Perfect analogy of LLNS,LLC

Anonymous said...

I sent the fax to Betsy Manson, and here's her reply.

I would like to write about this, but until I can talk to someone, even if it is off the record, that is behind this letter, I hesitate to take it seriously. If you know anyone involved, please encourage them to contact me and assure them I will respect their privacy if need be.



I'd suggest those behind the fax get in touch with her.

Anonymous said...

Whooo 11 post on a major subject matter. What a rally to the cause you people of Livermore have. How many of you will even take the time to point people in the direction of this topics no longer write your representatives? So far I've seen (two) out of how many people ate LLNL now days, 7000+. You people are a disgrace to the country and as spineless as they come. You can't even stand up for you own skins no longer the nations. Now I understand why most of you never went into the military. I'm glad cause I surely would want you by my side in a life threatening situation. For those of you at LLNL who most likely are blue collar workers that did go in the service, you'll probably the backbone of the organization and I salute YOU, only. best regards.

Anonymous said...

April 23, 2008 4:52 AM

This sort of ranting isn't helpful. Disparaging remarks about the workforce are misplaced. The workforce is the victim but you treat them as if they are the perpetrator. Standing up in a management meeting and trashing Bechtel or writing letters that suggest willful violation of the law may be dismissed as a kneejerk, emotional reaction to a plan the NNSA crafted years ago. Nobody was complaining then.

Just because the bulk of the workforce doesn't agree with you doesn't make them wrong.

I think terminating the contract with LLNS may be a bit of a stretch. After all, we had George and company (UC included)intimately involved with contract negotiations right from the beginning. I think you will find it very difficult to prove a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I would like to THANK the author of the letter. Kudos to you and your efforts.

You are taking the action 'most' are afraid to, myself included. Action is needed, words are useles. we can vent/rant & rave all we's time 'to do' what we need to to protect ourselves.

My questions are this:
WHAT can we do??

Are there any off site Town Hall mtgs in effect?

I am no leader but will follow 110% in a worthwhile 'cause'....that cause is US! The hard working individuals who stand to lose EVERYTHING they have worked hard for!!

WHAT steps need to be taken to stop LLNS/NNSA??

I have no clue what to do, or even where to begin and I can safely say many of us don't. We are just 'along for the ride' screaming STOP!!! Let me off!

Big sigh here......pls, tell us who read these blogs and share the same emotions what we can do to help. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Hi everyone,

My name is Stephanie and I cover academics and administration for the Daily Californian in Berkeley. Last week I reported on the latest batch of layoffs, and would now like to get in touch with the author of this letter or anyone else who would like to comment on the situation as they see happening.

I can be reached at I understand you most likely have concerns about anonymity and I'd be willing to work with you on that.


Stephanie M. Lee
The Daily Californian

Anonymous said...

Maybe whoever wrote this two page fax will come forward and go for an interview. Let's hope afterwards Betsy will send the fax nationally and it gets broadcasted all over the place to where the average American tax payer starts calling their representatives asking what the heck is going on. Even with that level of participation it’s doubtful there’ll be any change. Heck we can’t even get people out to vote in the presidential election. Having looked at the choices we have this year I can understand why.There - is no - choice.

Regardless, chances are slim the decision made at LLNL to be given away to LLNS will never be reversed, simply because we’re dealing with corporate America crooks, who did this for money; to assure their nest egg is the biggest it can be just prior to a decade or so recession / depression to come.

I’m convince by watching the entire nation plunder into a recession, gas prices going through the roof and the unemployment rate skyrocketing, these events was not a coincidence. To have all of this happen at the same time may have been triggered by a single act such as the housing market collapse or maybe even 911, but those truly in charge knew what they were doing when all of this so conveniently came together. They also knew these events would lead to an assured divide in the class structure. One class being the rich, and the other class being the poor.

In effect those in charge have taken this country back 70 to 100 years in workers rights and entitlements, for the sole purpose to assure their right to reign above the peasants, no matter if the country goes belly up or not because those with the most cash, are the winners and will remain winners, while the masses starve and struggle.

Anonymous said...

Why do good topic like this continue to get buried futher and futher down into and under the a pile of dung other trivial topics. Nothing will ever be accomlished if the TOD can not be found and that's what's happening.

Anonymous said...

I hear a better quality version of this fax is out and about. Hope it shows up soon on the blog. This is a great course of action and should remain visible for all visitors to read. As a matter of a fact the links to this sent fax should be on the side bar at the top, not as a shown links, but as clickable words, same as the topic title.

Terminator 1

Terminator 2

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Boxer's letter was complete boiler plate? No mention of the topic is in it at all. Clearly is it a form letter sent by junior staffers.

While writing congress is commendable, this sort of response is what you should expect unless the note is written in the memo area of a large check.

Anonymous said...

No I did not write the Termination FAX but it does echo my thoughts on the matter some of which have been expressed in letters to congressmen and in public comment responses to NNSA, DOE and the Defense Science Board Task Force on Nuclear Deterrence Skills. I have no anonymity concerns and had I been given an opportunity to sign that termination request I would have done so, both as a Lab employee and as a taxpayer. I fear that as long as the author remains unidentified the genuine concerns raised in the letter will be dismissed as mere sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

April 23, 2008 7:48 PM
please see
April 22, 2008 7:44 PM

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2008 7:40 PM

What does have to do with anything. Are you saying no one should write because all they will get is a form letter. That may be true but if 7000 people write in, they do listen even if YOU get a from letter. If we all had your attitude we'd have a dictator in office. NEVER stop writing, period.......

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