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Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally, Something Good For The Nation

LLNL teams with Quantum Fuel Systems to accelerate high-pressure storage technologies for hydrogen vehicles Vern Switzer and Tim Ross check the pressure on the inner vessel that holds hydrogen of any temperature.

The Laboratory is working with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies on a next-generation manufacturing technique for hydrogen storage vessels.As part of a $5.6 million three-year contract with the U.S. Department of Energy, Livermore researchers will demonstrate a unique high-speed composite processing technique.

LLNL participates in DOEs National Hydrogen Storage Project, which focuses on developing material-based options that can operate at more practical temperatures and pressures and meet the stringent targets required for the commercialization of hydrogen vehicles across all platforms.

Hydrogen pressure vessels are typically made by winding carbon fiber wetted in adhesive around a liner made of either plastic or metal. This wet winding technique is slow because the winding speed is limited by diffusion processes that control the adhesion of subsequent layers of fiber. Slow winding increases the cost of the pressure vessels because it requires continuous operation of a dedicated, expensive machine. Oven curing of the finished vessel is often required.

LLNL has developed a dry tape winding process that considerably reduces the time required for pressure vessel winding (15 minutes vs. three hours for wet winding), and does not require oven curing. This minimizes the cost of pressure vessel manufacturing, said Salvador Aceves, leader of LLNLs Energy Conversion and Storage Group.

This technique can be applied to any kind of pressure vessel, including those used in the aircraft industry, said Andrew Weisberg, a composite materials engineer at LLNL.

Quantum, which specializes in hydrogen storage systems, also has partnered with the Boeing Company to leverage advances in precision composite material processing technologies in the aerospace sector.

The project will develop and demonstrate an innovative hybrid process, which integrates the most optimal features of high precision aerospace and high speed commercial manufacturing techniques.


Anonymous said...

It's about darn time LLNL got a project that may in fact be what this nation needs. I wish the people and all concerned the best of luck and look forward to driving an H2 vehicle someday. Maybe NNSA will get smart and cut the funding to some of those other projects and put their funds in a place that will do some good. Maybe these people can get all of NASA funds that just got cut I mean after all I hear the new shuttle will not be designed by NASA employees at all, but instead will be out sourced to possibly China or India. Why not our cars are and KIA is kicking butt on the US when it comes to getting a better bank for the buck.

anon said...

I think it's more interesting that an outside entrepreneur has just secured a contract with the US Army to explore his water engine. He's already got a late model Ford running on it, and has demonstrated a water welder. This is on UTUBE and is really awesome. Simple electrolysis breaks down water to H H O and he burns it. LLNL should look into what it'd take to do it on a more elegant scale. Unfortunately with our current situation, science is going to take a back seat.

Anonymous said...

Old news this will end up NOWHERE as there are NO creative male employees left !

Anonymous said...

April 5, 2008 4:40 PM

Could I ask how you came to this conclusion. Please explain and while you're at it please list all the major accomplishments that were made at LLNL by females not that gender has anything to do with national security or being a success. The facts will speak for themselves. We'll all be standing by for the information you have.

Anonymous said...

April 5, 2008 4:40 PM is a troll. Blogmaster I don't think these kinds of sexist posts should be published here.

We need everyone to work together to make LLNL a better place to be. We dont need trolls to come to the blog and stir up trouble.

Anonymous said...

April 5, 2008 10:21 PM

I thin April 5, 2008 4:40 PM doesn't have a clue and is just a crap disturber looking to cause problem that are not relevant to the situation at LLNL unless it one of ULM finest that wants to start the crap. I know for a fact it was an issue of sexual orientation and someone discuss that got the last LLNL blog to shut down. One crack-pot ruined it for everyone. Lets not let this happen again or we may as well shut down the LLNL blog entirely and never resurrect another. May I suggest as some other poster did, let not worry about who's the boss but better yet concentrate on who's calling the shots and basically putting all of us out of work. It's a lot higher than the first line supervisors, group leader or division leader. They are just pulpits following order from 111 and LLNS who by the way are directed by NNSA and DOE. If you really want to make a difference slam NNSA and DOE and when you get done with them you can go after congress, the senate and finally the whitehouse, if you have the intestinal fortitude to do so. However if you chose to remain silent and not be herd than you have NOTING TO SAY, AT ALL..

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! We are all looking forward to getting away from our dependence on foreign oil. This is what we all need to urge Congress to support for that very reason. Way to go LLNL.

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